The Climate of Parachinar

The Climate of Parachinar, located in the Northwestern Mountains of Pakistan, has an ideal balance of temperature and precipitation. In fact the climate is so lovely and charming that we may call it a land of Perpetual spring. In the following lines is a brief description of its hydro and thermal regime.

Conditions in Summer

In summer, even in the hottest month, it is rare for the midday thermometer to cross 95 F and the average is 77 F. This is a very comfortable temperature when we compare it with Peshawar, on the plains. At Peshawar, it is common for the midday thermometer to exceed 115 F and average of the hottest month is 93 F. In fact the height of Parachinar which is about 6000 ft., keeps its temperature 15 -20 F lower than the plains.

The precipitation is appreciable and no month from June to august gets less than 2 inches of rain. This is amazing considering the fact that monsoon current does not reach this area.

Conditions is Winter

It is quite interesting that the climate of Parachinar in winter is very mild for its altitude. The mean maximum remains around 50 F and the mean minimum around 30 F, so the average temperature is 40 F. If we compare it with Skardu in the Northern mountains, with more or less the same altitude, we find out that there the mean maximum is 36 F and mean minimum is 18 F making the average temperature as 27 F; 13 degrees lower than that of Parachinar. At Parachinar, nighttime low in winters rarely fall below 25 F while at Skardu it is common to record as low a temperature as 10 F at night.

The precipitation is due to western disturbance and no month from Jan. to Apr. records less than 2.5 inches of precipitation. If we compare it with Peshawar, another western disturbance location, we find that only the month of March records more than 2 inches of rainfall. Other winter months record an inch or so each. This is to be noted as Peshawar gets most of its precipitation during winter months through western disturbance.

Spring and Fall

Spring and fall have such an ideal temperature that few places on earth can compete. The average high remains around 70 F and the average low is 55 F during these months. The precipitation is also moderate with no month receiving less than an inch of rainfall.

In short, Parachinar has an ideal balance of temperature and precipitation and has got one of the best climates in Pakistan.