Isola Comacina

Northern Italy hosts a series of glacial lakes that are considered high-end real estate today. Lake Como (Lago Di Como) attracts famous people throughout the world, and all of them want to see Isola Comacina, the island that sets upon that lake.

Web search A-listers who are associated with real estate there. What attracts them to it? Realize that people have sought this place long before modern times. Ancient history is best revealed by an ancient, authoritative historian. Roman historian, Publius Cornelius Tacitus is a highly reliable information source. Tacitus wrote extensively about political power wielded by Roman Emperors Nero, Claudius, and Tiberius, as well as four other emperors in succession during the tumultuous year of 69 AD.

In his writing, Tacitus describes a Germanic people (the Suebi), as occupying the lake region of Northern Italy. Later historians further defined those Germanic people as “The Lombards,” from which the Lombardy Region of Northern Italy (where Lake Como resides) was derived. I would not say that Rome conquered the Lombards in that place, although they certainly did wage war on them and fought them there. It was more like the Romans assimilated the Lombards into their empire. Simultaneously, the Romans were seduced, over time, to appreciate and respect the Lombards, to take up residences among them and enjoy the beauty of the lakes.

As the Roman Empire receded, others filled the void: The Goths, the Franks, powerful feudal families like the Visconti family, and the influence of Charles V of Spain. The region also attracted many orders of monks, who established monasteries in some of the prettiest, yet somewhat inaccessible portions of the region, usually with the help of a powerful and wealthy benefactor who wanted the monks to record their personal or family history. The monks, always inwardly focused, also introduced a lot of agriculture, especially the growing of vineyards and the fermenting of wine.

So many people want to visit this region, and many affluent people want to live on one of the Northern Italian lakes. Experience the qualities of this place that speak to them. Will they speak to you as well?