How to Make Great Sightseeing Tour in Oslo, Norway

When visiting Norway, most of the tourists like to go at first to Visit the capital Oslo, by the way, it is beautiful city and from there they can find a several and different touring ways available to them, in the center of Oslo can find train terminal station and from there can start a tour out Oslo to other near or far cities.

If you changed your mind for going in a tour out the capital by bus, easily can move from the train station to bus terminal by small bridge conducts between each other, really when I saw that I liked the designs idea, why? because you do not lose much time, do not spend much money and can find everything beside, for sure transportations system inner and outer Oslo is planned by great and unique way I like it much, if you decided to make strolling around the city will have two choice one it is free, other will cost a little money, the free way it is strolling by foot and it needs only strong pair of shoes and cheap meal, during your walking in the center of Oslo will wonder when you notice most of those people walk beside you not all of them Norwegian as you imagine also they are a big number of tourists, will know that when come to your ear a different and strange languages, but be sure you will be happy because you feel as you walk between a wide international tourist groups, other way for make strolling around districts of Oslo it will be by bus, subway and tram of course to get them it needs to pay for a ticket, also we must not forget a double duck bus that it is available for tourists only in summer. So you can get this bus to make a tour at the famous places in the center of Oslo. All of these great nets of transportations can find it in 150 square meters no more. Can you imagine this system of transportations? really make a tourist moves from one place to another and find his destinations even without a map wow! also if a tourist lost his way can find help from Norwegian people that they are so cultured and hospitality, do you know? Norwegians dial with all nationalities by good way and from their habits must meet people with smiling face also what it makes dealing with them so simple and easy that they can speak English fluently because the English language is the second language in Norway after Norwegian language, so even if you asked a child about something by English you will get answer and help at once. When I visited Norway I liked a lot of things there and soon I will go again to Norway not only for visiting but also for living in this beautiful country.