Castelo Rodrigo

At the highest point of an insignificant hill in Largo do Pelhourinho, Portugal, the crumbling ruins of Castelo Rodrigo endure the ravages of time and weather. Now a tourist destination, the remains of this Medieval Castle in Northeastern Portugal are symbolic of the transition from how organized humanity behaved and how it behaves now.

Medieval Europe experienced a social downturn between the 5th and 15th centuries. Also known as the Middle Age, this was a time of want, fear, and inward tribal focus in which people were more likely to organize to terrorize other people rather than to bring to others goodness, hope, and shared prosperity. Those who hid within the walls of Castelo Rodrigo did so when they received an alarm about an approaching army or a band of armed plunderers. They took with them to the castle their family, money, animals, and food.

In Medieval times, law and order extended no further than the armed strength of a King, Queen, Duke, Earl, or Steward (caretaker) who had assumed or been locally appointed to manage the castle. The leader and the people he or she protected lived by this motto, “Let us keep what is ours!” The armed mass of people who approached them lived by a different motto, “Let us take what is theirs!”

Close your eyes and think about today. In the United States, do we experience organized marauders who move among us to threaten us if we do not think or do as they say? Do we have castles? Yes, the marauders are called protestors. The castles are called institutions. Web search Matthew 7: 1-2. You have read clear, unambiguous guidance from God, delivered to you by his son, Jesus, the Christ. The verse is a warning. Believing in Jesus is the way that God will accept you.

We must not wall ourselves away from the world. If we are moral, we have an obligation to go out into the world to demonstrate that morality. That is how the dark Middle Age in Europe ended. Eventually, more went out to sow harmony than were going out to sow hate. You do not have to be born moral. Acquire morality by talking to God (prayer) in the name of Jesus Christ. Find your way out of the castle. Depart from the mob. Others will see you do this, and some will follow your lead. Feel the grace of God in your life every day. You will look back on your decision as the finest moment in your life.