Spit Is Not Enough

My dad always warned us against saying, “I promise you this or that,” because you have to keep your word. When my friends and I wanted to confirm something is true, we therefore used something we made up. Lifting our hand, we said, “True as Bob!”

I wonder if we even knew what “nannies” meant!

One day we wanted to seal the important connection between us for the rest of our lives. We saw in the movies that the heroes would make a deep cut in their hands and then shake hands as the blood flowed. We also wanted to do that, but when the tears flowed before the blood could, we decided spit would have to do.

Well, it did, because we’re all still great friends after all these years.

When people did something for God in the Old Testament, like making a sacrifice, blood played an important part. When people wanted to avoid the punishment for their sins, blood had to flow. This was to get God’s approval:

22That’s why blood, the evidence of death, is used so much in our tradition, especially regarding forgiveness of sins.

And the blood that people sacrificed for God was not enough. It had to be repeated and this was simply not sustainable. It was time for a new covenant between God and people. And that’s why God tabled a new contract between Him and people. A real “true as Bob” one.

But words or even spit was not enough for the new contract between God and people. Blood had to flow. Not from a cut or two on your hands. No, the blood had to flow until the person was dead. And the blood had to be spotless.

Most of us probably know this, but I think it’s worth repeating here. We need to know that the blood was hugely expensive. That must make us realise what God gave up to comply with His part of the contract. He sacrificed the life of His own Son.

A brand-new contract. And we read about this contract and the impact it has in the New Testament. One should actually talk about the Old and the New Contract, because the Old Testament actually deals with life under the previous contract that God entered into with Moses and the Israelites.

We have to live differently, because God entered into a new contract with us. We must live differently because Jesus, whose blood had to flow, makes it possible for us to go to our Father in heaven forever.

The new blood contract sets us free. Go and live as a free person and show others how to do it.


Hebrews 9:18-22


What does Jesus’ blood mean to you?

How does it change your life?

How do you have to live differently?


Jesus, You are the great Saviour and the One who makes it possible for me to reach God. Your blood had to flow so that the punishment for my sin could be paid for ever and ever. How can I ever thank You for that? Maybe by living a saved life!