What Makes a Modern Global Citizen and Thinker?

Todays politics, and interactions in the world need to be really less reactive and more reflective and response-able. Cultivating dialog and remaining sensitive to cultural, economical and human values will allow us to be best dynamic thinkers and make our actions positive in the world.

Essentially majority of people in the world are looking to offer their gift fully, they are looking to live a life that is really of service. They are looking for expression and recognition. When I look around at people who surround me, everyone wants to be naturally useful for others in their lives in their own way, they all look to be recognized, what becomes an obstacle is lack of education and lack of dynamism, lack of humour, compassion or resources and lack of ability to remain present and think bigger than small me.

Are you thinking about solutions?

We are obligated to think about the larger picture until everyone is doing well. We are all part of this world. We honour our heritage and roots and we recognize that we are a drop in an ocean. As a mandate to be able to say that you are a ‘good person’ means you are a person who cares about the global, cultural, political, religious views than just about your own affairs.

The small me is entrapped in the ego and in the fears that are only obstacles. While we allow life to shape us, we have to remember that we are in charge of the circumstances we are co-creating with others, as well as our attitudes, perspectives and ways of being. We always are working with our circumstances. It is unavoidable. We can actively do it with dynamism, or be passive to it.

Becoming educated, getting involved and interested in variety of cultures, topics, and showing genuine interest in others will help anyone be a modern global citizen and thinker, actively participating in life rather than just watching what others are doing.

His Holiness Karmapa is admired not only for his knowledge of the Tibetan Buddhism, Tantras, meditation and good looks, he is recognized for his creativity and high level of dynamism.

Dynamic individuals who have a focus on the positive development for the well being of people on Earth are the ones who are the change makers in today’s global economy, politics and religion.

We have to take into consideration that the global era has offered us much more closeness and togetherness via internet, media, social structures and common problems we all face, yet we are still struggling with resolving big issues within ourselves and within humanity.

Dynamism is something that can be cultivated with a lot of work. Meditation is one of the tools that helps in cultivating higher dynamism.

Dynamism is what we need today people to become.

Dynamism is an ability to adjust and adapt and preform in a way that is both a flow and a vessel at the same time.

Soft Power, or an ability to magnetize the right thinking and results without the use of force is where we are going with humanity. When we are cultivating new skills by interacting in dynamic new ways with people of different cultures and when we are learning about ways to be dynamic, pragmatic and joyous in our interactions we then are able to forget that we are working or doing something, we are present and giving our gift, everyone benefits.

Dynamism as an action happens to us all, we are constantly influenced by the environment and circumstances and now we can either be passive to this or actively involved. Some may say that the active involvement means becoming compassionate yet I think compassion is the dynamic action of wisdom being applied to the circumstances so that we are creating better circumstances for everyone else.

Dynamism is what we need to be really into in today’s world.