Judge Public Officials By What They Do, Or Don’t Get DONE!

Instead, of the tendency, of voters, to cast their ballots, based on predominantly – emotional factors, rhetoric, and empty promises, wouldn’t we be, better served, if/ when, we elected candidates, best – equipped, to handle the specific duties of their office, in a truly, relevant, sustainable manner? Wouldn’t it make sense, to judge, potential, and actual officials, not – by their promises, and rhetoric, but, rather, by what they will do (or have DONE), and, how they plan to address our true needs, and priorities? With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it matters.

1. Delve deeply; discover; deliver; determine; deeds; deliver: We should seek to be represented by people, who will over – deliver, instead of, merely, over – promise! Only, then, will most of us, be able to discover, which one, will deliver the best path – forward, consistently, based on the greater good, and prioritizing, a meeting – of – the – minds! We need officials, ready, and able to determine, the finest strategic planning, and perceive, conceive, and implement, the best – possible, action plan! Judge these people, by their deeds, rather than their words!

2. Options; opportunities; organized; open – mind: In most cases, there are more than one option, and/ or, alternative, and, it takes the best personal, to wisely, choose, which options, to follow! He must recognize, and take advantage of the finest opportunities, which, may, present themselves, and/ or, create his own opportunity! This usually requires an organized, well – planned, strategic approach, and a willingness to proceed, with an open – mind, rather than, merely, the same – old, same – old!

3. Needs; nerve; niche; nuances: Nearly, every organization, has some, specific, niche, so the right leader, uses the nuances, to address both, challenges, and perceptions, in a focused – manner! He must recognize, understand, and proactively, address, true needs, and priorities, and have the nerve, and inner – fortitude, and strength – of – character, to move forward, outside – the – box, when indicated, constantly expanding the self – imposed restraints of his comfort zone, and any personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest!

4. Empathy; emphasis; efforts; excellence; endurance; enrich; establish; esteem: We should, only, hold, any leader, in – esteem, when he proves himself, worthy, by proceeding with genuine empathy, and placing his emphasis, accordingly! He must ensure his efforts are based on excellence, rather than settling, merely, for, good – enough, as well as the endurance, and persistence, to go – on, when lesser individuals, will not! His main intention must be, to enrich the group, and establish a system, which is relevant and sustainable!

We must judge public officials, by what they do, as well as what they fail – to – do, and demand, they achieve, accomplish, and get DONE. in a well – considered, timely manner, what is needed! Are you ready, to be, a more – responsible voter?