Divide and Conquer, Or?

Divide and conquer-the oldest tactic in the world. And look how successfully it’s been used in our society. What if we recognized that we’ve been manipulated in this way, and are all suffering because of the atmosphere of vilification it has fostered?

I know that people often feel helpless-and that they imagine some politician will be their savior. But that’s simply how we’ve been programmed by the media: that only a superhero can save the day. It’s a tragically false premise-and it’s time we awakened to the fact that the millions we are have the power to make the change we desire-energetically.

The fabric of reality-the quantum field-is essentially energy, and so are we. As energy, we vibrate at different frequencies: think heavy metal and the blues. Each component (person) of the body of humanity is contributing to the quality of the whole, and what exists at this time has been created by the fear, anger, insecurity, etc. of our individual contributions.

Can you not see: as long as we imagine that the ‘other’ is the enemy, we have something/someone to rail against. But we are each our own enemy-as long as we remain riled within, we remain embroiled in, and contributing to, the miasma in the quantum. On the other hand, if we create peace within ourselves, we bring peace into our relationships and peace into the world. We, each one of us, is responsible for how it is ‘out there’- because we, each one of us, contributes whatever we carry within us into the world at large.

“Think globally, act locally.”

The greatest power we have is the ability to transform our own selves-which in turn transforms every relationship, our immediate environment, and the quantum. If we choose to turn our attention away from the national imbroglio and begin to cultivate, embody, and express kindness/cooperation/generosity toward the people we encounter as we go about our daily lives, not only will we feel better personally as the energy of those attributes flows through us, but we will inspire those qualities in each other and uplift the entire community. What if we all chose friendliness as a basis for communication? How would that change the atmosphere?

Think about this time as an opportunity-an opportunity to create a Global Harmonic. Imagine yourself an individual voice in a global choir- what’s the quality of the sound you would contribute? Now think of the quality of that sound and attune your energy field to that frequency. Focus on maintaining this quality of energy in your thinking, speaking, and behavior-this is how we transform the world.

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