Beware Of The Dangers Of BIAS In Our Political System!

Perhaps, because of some of the atrocities, in recent times, against, people of color, and the attitude, actions, and different treatment, given, the term, systemic racism, has become, far – more, widespread! Unfortunately, in our society, many believe, long – standing, fears, and hatred, and BIAS, has been enabled, by the rhetorics, action, and attitude, of the former President, several other members of his political party, and the now – existing, make – up, of our Court System, etc. If, we hope to remain, the beacon – of – light, to the rest of the world, regarding, democracy, freedoms, and rights, we must, now, before it’s too late, do, everything, possible, to address these challenges to, what we have considered, as our Constitutional guarantees, and especially, the line, with liberty and justice for all! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it matters.

1. Benefits; beliefs; best/ better; belonging; bigotry: Since, our inception, many Americans, felt, the inherent benefits, stated in our Constitution, were the key to our national identity, etc! Although, unfortunately, we have often, witnessed, bigotry, rear – its – ugly – head, we believed, the Courts, would protect these! However, with the change, created by the political manipulation, of the last – few years, few feel confident, standing, Supreme Court rulings, and the ensuing laws, such as, Roe v Wade, are under – attack! We are witnessing, a dangerous degree of hate crimes, including, against, people of color, antisemitism, women’s rights, etc, clearly, on – the – rise! Instead of elected officials, trying to do their best to make things better, too many, have focused, on their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interests, rather than, enhancing, the feelings, of belonging, to all our citizens. When bias, bigotry, prejudice, and hatred, are permitted, we risk these, becoming the new – normal!

2. Integrity; ideology/ ideals; insights; issues: Many studies indicate, Americans now hold, the Supreme Court, at its lowest, level of esteem, etc, in recent memory! The integrity of some of the Justices, as well as the apparent willingness of some, to replace, long – held, American ideals, and policies, with their personal/ political ideals, and agenda, are dangerous to this nation’s future! We need issues, which, challenge, our focus on human rights, and equality, to, be replaced, by higher ideals, and insights, which consider, not only, populism, but the sustainable, long – term, future and ramifications, etc!

3. Attitude; aptitude; attention; articulate: The politics of negativism, and polarization, must be replaced, with an attitude, of realistic, positive, can – do, solutions – oriented, actions, etc! Unfortunately, it seems, too many elected officials, seem to lack the aptitude, and skill – set, to do so! Unless/ until, voters begin to pay keen attention, and understand, articulating messages, focused on hatred, bigotry, and division, are, counter – productive, to the national well – being, we risk, losing our national identity, forever!

4. Systemic; system; solutions; serving: Those protecting a system, of systemic racism, etc, are, serving the self – interests of the haters, and opposing, what the United States, claims to be, all – about! It is past – time, for well – considered, viable solutions, to become, the core ideology, etc!

Wake up, America, and stop permitting, BIAS, to be, normalized! We must do so, sooner, rather than later!