5 Reasons Sane Gun Safety Is Needed And Makes Sense!

Instead of, making sane, gun – safety controls, regulations, and laws, etc, in order to protect the overall safety of the public, politicians, lobbying – groups, appear to, prioritize their personal/ political agenda, and/ or. self – interest, and use, many people’s fears and hatred, to do, all they can, to discourage, any type of meaningful, well – considered, legislation! How many more, must die, before, any changes, are made? Why does this country, experience, so much devastation, as a result of guns, than, nearly, all other major nations? While it is true, guns don’t kill, people do, the reality is, it is certain people, with guns, who do the killing! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 reasons, sane, gun safety controls, rules, restrictions, and regulations, make sense, and are needed, sooner, rather than later!

1. Right to bear arms: We often hear about the so – called, Second Amendment Rights, guaranteed, by our Constitution! They articulate, selectively, the clause, about, the right to bear arms, but, fail to mention, the intent of this amendment, was to provide states, with the rights and abilities, to defend themselves, by creating a State Militia, to defend themselves, against, potential, foreign adversaries!

2. Types of weapons/ Differences: Our Founding Fathers could not have conceived of, weapons, such as automatic, and/ or, semi – automatic guns, and assault/ military grade, rifles, when the rifles of their era, required, close to two minutes, to reload, after discharging one round of ammunition! Even, the most – ardent gun supporter, if he was logical, could not, defend any legal purpose, for individuals, to possess assault weapons, etc!

3. Wild West: In many ways, some of the so – called, gun advocates, are seeking a return to a period, far – more dangerous, than the Wild West! Even, in Dodge City, the Marshal, and Town, often, imposed restrictions, and usages, especially, in certain locations, and under, some conditions! Consider, for example, the attempt, to change, New York City’s approximately, century – old, restriction on carrying a concealed weapon, and eliminate these common sense, measures, etc!

4. Common sense license and registration: We must register and carry insurance, on our cars, etc, but, many are fighting against doing this, regarding weapons! To drive, you must get a license, and pass a written, and driver’s, driving test, but, we don’t have proficiency, background, health, etc, checks, evaluations, etc, regarding, potentially, deadly weapon! How does that make any sense?

5. Physical, proficiency, mental/ emotional reviews: Our politicians can’t even agree, regarding the logic and need, for background checks, to ensure, only, responsible people, can legally, own a gun! We need not – only, background checks, but periodic reviews, in terms of someone’s physical, proficiency, mental/ emotional condition, etc! Isn’t that common sense?

How many more, must die, etc, before, we demand, some sane, gun safety regulations, etc? Why can’t we follow, the measures, other nations, use?