5 Examples Where Democrats Often Lose The War Of Words!

Regardless of one’s political positions, philosophies, preferences, party – affiliation, etc, any objective individual, must be ready, and able, to realize and recognize, in many instances, it seems, the biggest political foe, the Democrats face, is themselves! In many ways, our political elections, and campaigns, are, similar to, a war – of – words, and how positions are stated, and the messaging, involved! One significant difference, between the so – called, leaders, of the 2 parties, is, while, Republicans, generally, get – united, and focus, on what they consider, to be, the bigger – picture, of, maintaining political control, and the majority of their primary objectives, the Democrats, seem to, often, shoot – themselves, in the leg, with their infighting, and lack of presenting, a united – front, even when, it is needed! This explains, how, although, there are supposed to be fewer Registered Republicans, than Registered Democrats, the pendulum, often, swings, to the so – called, right! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 examples of this.

1. Defund the Police: After, some of the most – publicized examples and cases, of police, using, uneven approaches, and, what some believe, is based on racism, etc, when the expression, Defund the Police, was the slogan, this concept, and what, some perceive it, to mean and represent, frightened much of the public, and, what should have been, a rallying – cry, turned into an advantage for the Republicans, in the elections! Wouldn’t it, have been more effective, to use, a slogan, such as, Support the Police But Eliminate the Bad Apples?

2. Systemic Racism/ Education: When one party uses as a rallying – cry, eliminating the part of our history, as it relates to race, etc, and, it works, to their advantage, this should be concerning! In many aspects of American life, we continue witnessing, a significant degree of systemic racism, but, that slogan, often, is divisive, when it comes to political messaging, etc!

3. Gun Safety: How has the concept of gun safety, and common sense, rules, etc, become, a political issue? Why would any, responsible, gun – owner, oppose, at least, the same level of licensing, and registrations, we have, for owning and operating, an automobile? How many more, must die, before we restrict assault weapons, and, ensure, gun owners, are responsible citizens?

4. Socialist/ Socialism: Labels, in politics, often, make little sense, but, are, extremely effective tools, in messaging and slogans! How many people, who, constantly, refer to any government program, they might disagree with, as an example of Socialism, have a true understanding, of what, that means and represents?

5. Environment/ Climate: Why would anyone oppose protecting our environment, and ensuring, clean air and water? Why would any sane person, disagree with the scientists and experts, and claim, climate change, doesn’t exist? I believe, it is, about power and influence, and appealing to their perceived – base of core supporters, etc!

When Mitch McConnell decided, one of his main focuses, would be, appointing, conservative Judges, he did so, to protect, and maintain, a specific philosophy and approach, into the future! Wake up, America, and, especially, those who identify with the Democrats, unless/ until, this party unifies, and becomes more pragmatic, it will continue, losing the war of words!