6 Common Mistakes Are Hurting Your Health

According to many reports, Delhi has become a gas chamber once again. According to the official air quality monitor called SAFAR, the national capital quality index displayed a figure of 506 after Diwali. And this figure crossed 999 in the morning at 4 a.m. Due to the air pollution, people have been suffering from a lot of health issues, such as dry eyes, red eyes, headaches, nausea, dizziness, cupping, sinus congestion, hypersensitivity, and shortness of breath, just to name a few. In this article, we are going to talk about 6 common mistakes that can damage your health. Read on to find out more.

1. Getting out For Morning Walks

Although regular exercise should be part of your life, you may want to take drastic measures to deal with serious situations. Since the air pollution level is quite high, going out for morning walks is not good for your health.

Therefore, you may not want to go out to have a walk to protect your health against the air pollution.

2. Not Wearing Masks

According to statistics, air pollution is so high that it can irritate your respiratory system in a few hours of outdoor activities. Although you have to get out of your home from time to time, we suggest that you don’t forget to wear an N95 mask before stepping out of your home.

3. Not Taking any steps to ventilate your home

Although outdoor air pollution is a big problem, you also need to do something about indoor air pollution. What you need to do is ventilate your home by opening windows and doors from time to time.

It is even better to install exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathrooms. These measures will help ensure proper air circulation inside your house.

4. Not Opening Doors And Windows

If you think you can keep your doors and windows closed to protect yourself against air pollution, you need to think again. By opening doors and windows for a couple of hours on a daily basis, you will allow your house to breathe.

But we suggest that you don’t do so when the pollution level is at its peak. So, what you need to do is open your doors and windows in the evening.

5. Ignoring Traditional Remedies

It is also a great idea to follow traditional remedies when it comes to dealing with respiratory issues, such as asthma and difficulty breathing. For example, if you want to purify your respiratory system, you may want to inhale the steam. This practice will help you make sure that your airways are cleared.

6. No Plants At Home

If you maintain your home garden, you can enjoy a lot of benefits. For example, it can help you purify your indoor air. As a matter of fact, many indoor plants can do a great job of purifying your indoor air. If you are looking for the best plants, you can go for aloe vera, spider plants, and Ivy plants.

In short, we suggest that you avoid making these common mistakes if you want to protect yourself and your family against air pollution.