Lessons Learned From Home Ownership

Moving from an apartment to a newly purchased home is an awesome task! Getting organized by figuring out what you own, packing and moving it effectively takes willpower. energy and creativity. And that’s only half the story, Managing things and yourself after moving in is the other half. You learn, although there are still things that you wish that someone told you about. such as

STAY CALM AND THINK Say that the water heater or central air has stopped working and you feel yhe panic rising from within. Now is NOT the time to sit down and cry. Instead, take a deep breath and relax for a second. What contractors are available, where are they located and how do you contact them? It might help to have a handy list of who to call and their availability. No need to panic when you have the necessary information ready.

HAVE A REGULAR SCHEDULE FOR CHORES AS HOUSEKEEPING. This is important to know, especially if you are a procrastinator! Saying or thinking that you will clean something later isn’t going to cut it Things like laundry and dusting have a way of accumulating and worsening with time. A;; of those unfinished chores add up to an overwhelming mess! Do them now! Begin by deciding what days or times you will do laundry or go grocery shopping or clean the floors and make an appointment with yourself to do them Turn those appointments into a habit.

PAY BILLS RIGHT AWAY Have a regular place to store bills temporarily until you can open and pay them. Mail payments asap. Keep a record of each payment. Or arrange to pay online. Doing so will give you an idea of how much disposable income is left

OPT FOR WHOLE FOODS AS FRESH FRUIT AND VEGETABLES. Avoid buying items as cakes pies and sodas. You will ne able to maintain a healthy weight and body. Dealing qith chronic diseases as diabetes is no fun. And you’ll save tons of money on drugs and prescriptions.

SHOP WISELY. Never buy on impulse! Take time to think/ Do you need an item immediately? For cleaning purposes, vinegar and alcohol may be cheaper and more effective options. What other jackets or slacks or tops would match with any new ones that you are being tempted to buy? How often would you wear the new items?

Are they expensive or ill fitting?

To summarize, it is better to stay calm and think before doing anything. Save money by considering quality and prices and your budget. Make things like chores habitual and allow yourself to stay in control and maintain your health. Someone might have warned me about these things before I bought a home 30 years ago.