Do Pets Reincarnate?

As an animal communicator one of the most common questions I am asked is, “Will my pet reincarnate?”

People like to tell me that they see their new puppy acting just like their old dog and they’re convinced that it is their previous dog that has come back to them.

So do pets reincarnate?

There is a wide variety of opinions among animal communicators and intuitives.

In my many years of communicating with deceased pets I have not had one tell me that they have come back in physical form. What they have told me is that they do come and visit their human family spiritually. Also they relate that they are giving instructions to the new pet on what their human likes, so that they will make their human parent happy.

They’re waiting patiently for their human to pass and meet them in spirit. Which will be a true reconnection.

Animals are pure souls. They are the closest living beings to God and a good representation of His Divine Love.. They’re not born with agendas that humans have. A dog is a dog, a cat is a cat, a mouse is a mouse, etc. Their only thought is to live and enjoy their life.

Ancient cultures throughout history have revered animals for many different reasons and have cherished them for their spiritual abilities.

Humans on the other hand are programmed to think about the future and what to achieve in this lifetime. A human soul reincarnates for various reasons and usually to work off some sort of karmic debt or complete something that was left undone. Some souls want to experience life as different beings just for the experience of it. There is growth, determination, intention, and purpose when a human incarnates.

An animal is placed on earth to help the function and the overall beauty of the world. They are part of the purpose of Mother Earth and helpmates for humans.

Animals that become pets develop strong bonds with their human family and when they pass over they do remain spiritually attached to their human family and that bond is never broken. Again they are waiting patiently on the other side for their pet parents to join them.

If you have a strong belief that a pet has reincarnated, you have the right to believe whatever you choose. You’ll find out if that was the case once you are in spirit.

Treasure each one of your pets for the precious individual that it is. You are their whole world.