10 Milestone Moments of Your Baby to Capture on Camera

Watching your baby grow can fill you with wonder and amazement, especially during the first year of your child’s life. As your baby learns to smile, grimace, grasp a toy, crawl around, or even wave a bye, you will want to cherish these adorable moments forever.

Engaging a professional baby photographer to capture the best shots of your child as he/she reaches each new milestone can be a great way to fulfill this desire. Here we tell you about the 10 milestone moments of your baby to capture on camera.

The after-birth moments

What can be more special an occasion to capture on camera than the moments right after your baby’s birth? Those first moments when you welcome your bundle of joy into the world and into your life is simply priceless.

The homecoming

As you step out of the hospital with your baby for the first time and make that memorable trip to your home, you will want to relive those moments with fondness in your future. Your baby’s homecoming is an occasion that sure deserves to be captured on camera.

Learning to smile

The first smile from your baby will always be special for you. While you may be caught unaware by that first smile, you must not miss out entirely on capturing your baby’s smile in those initial days.

Rolling over

You may not be sure when your baby will learn to roll over. But be sure to capture this milestone whenever your baby learns to do it.

Waving bye bye

When your baby learns to wave at you with those chubby hands, it means he/she is actually communicating with you through gestures. How can you miss turning such moments into memories?

Beginning to crawl

Crawling is a major milestone in your baby’s life that needs to be captured and celebrated. This is more so because soon your baby will be walking and running and the crawling phase will be over before you know it.

Sitting up

Sitting up on his/her own is another key accomplishment of your baby. Make no mistake in capturing your bundle of joy on camera as he/she reaches this milestone.

Getting the first tooth

From a gummy smile to a two-teethed giggle, that is a huge achievement for your baby. For sure, you need to click and treasure the smile that has your baby flashing the first two teeth.


Your child’s baptism is undoubtedly an important occasion. Plan well and get perfect shots to commemorate this special event of inducting your child into your faith.

Cake Smashing

The first birthday of your baby calls for a big celebration. Of course, you will want to capture every moment of the big day, including the popular trend of cake smashing. So, go for it with full enthusiasm.

Getting perfect shots of your baby at the right moments can be a challenge in itself. A professional baby photographer will be able to capture every milestone of your baby through quality photos.