Be the Light

“The light” has several definitions. When I suggest (that you), “Be the light,” I mean use your personality to illuminate truth, faithfulness, friendship, happiness, and other good things for others. Be noble, pure in your purpose, for you are disingenuous when you shine your light in order to enrich yourself, to harm someone, or to trick others into joining your political cause. Someone is drawn to your light because they sense hope or help in you.

Your light is charisma, an attraction that might compel others to listen to you and even follow you. Love can grow from it. But, is your light really yours to give? Web search Matthew 5:16. You have read a quote from Jesus, recorded by his disciple Matthew, who heard Jesus say this during his three-year ministry on Earth. Web search Matthew 22: 15-22. In these verses, Matthew described how Jesus avoided a trap that was set cooperatively by the Pharisees and the Herodians, who were political enemies that conspired to destroy Jesus’ ministry. In the second half of verse 21, Jesus said, “Give to God what is God’s.” What do you have that belongs to God? How do you return to God what is his?

The Christian Bible contains abundant verses that speak of light or darkness within us humans. These verses include: Philippians 2:14-16, John 1:9, Romans 13:12, and Matthew 5:16. But, you will not find a clear definition of what is this light in us, and why does it shine brightly for some and not at all for others. Think about this. God, the Supreme Being, owes us humans nothing, nor must he explain his actions to us. Appreciate that such love that he gives us is undeserved, and that is the very definition of “Grace.” “But, you ask, “where is this grace in my life?” If you do not see it, God is not within you, and just as a flashlight will give no light without batteries (a source of power), without God, you have no power for your “light.” Web search “God in three persons.”

Most people recognize God. In the Old Testament of the Christian Bible, there are verses that tell of visions seen by prophets who helped the Hebrew people to understand that God is real and that he cares for them. There were times when God was very near to a man (Moses was one of those men), and God’s image was bright to the point of being harmful. Web search Exodus 33: 19-23. The living God also communicated, and he still communicates with individual humans. By your faith in God, and contact with him through prayer, you can invite God into your heart (your life), and if you are sincere, a part of him, the Holy Spirit, will come to you and it will remain with you if your faith is true. It is as though batteries have been supplied to power the light in your heart. You know it if it happens to you.

During the time of the Old Testament, this is all there was between God and humans (Himself and the Holy Spirit), but God did more for us. As the prophets foretold, God sent a Christ, a person to become “a bridge” for humans who demonstrate (by their faith) that they belong to God. Jesus is that bridge, both a son of man and a son of God. In Jesus’ actions, the fate of all of mankind was placed. Jesus had to figure out who he was, and to also find faith in God, to pray to God, and at some point, the Holy Spirit was sent to Jesus. Web search Matthew 3:17. Perhaps, you have read the beginning of Jesus’ three-year ministry. We know that Jesus communicated regularly with God (prayer), but we do not know those communications. Just as each of us must want to find God, to pray, and have faith, Jesus’ human side also had to do those things, and he had to learn to use his heart light to attract people to him. As Jesus’ ministry became more effective, God passed power to him. Web search Luke 9:12-17 and John 11:38-44.

During his ministry, by his faith, Jesus earned from God and practiced the power of raising the dead. At his sacrifice he took the sin of mankind into death and remained in death for three days. We do not know what he did for three days, but we do know that Jesus raised himself from death and left our sin to sleep with the dead. By his resurrection, Jesus completed the bridge between mankind and God.

Web search the most powerful verse in the Christian Bible: Matthew 28:18. His task complete, God gave Jesus all power to rule Heaven and Earth. Resurrected, Jesus revealed that to his surviving eleven disciples as he commanded them to grow the Christian Church. It is why, when we pray to God, we end the prayer with “in Jesus’ name.” Give God what is God’s (that is you, if you have faith in God’s gift of Jesus).

How do you give back to God what is his? You shine a light from your heart that others will see. You guide the Holy Spirit in your heart to their hearts so that they will know Jesus and perceive God’s grace in their life. Web search 1 Thessalonians 4:16. This verse and others in the Christian Bible inform us that our spirit “goes to sleep” when we die.

In our death, we are not ghosts who wander about. We feel and perceive nothing. Should we die thousands of years before Jesus returns, we have no knowledge that thousands of years have passed. We all awaken to meet Jesus upon his return to Earth. If we are Christian, God sees us forgiven through Jesus; Heaven will receive us. That is our final gift to God of what is God’s (ourselves). We have been so much trouble to him throughout the history of mankind. How wonderful it is that he simply wants us to come home.