On The Verge Of An Economic Stimulus?

The sheer audacity of so many republicans in times of crisis proves once again the unwillingness of Congress to uphold the majority of the publics will. You could arguably say that today’s Congress is synonymous with a large group of Baboons of which I’d bet the baboons have allot more sympathy toward their kind than our Congress has toward the American people. Without a doubt for the past 35 years Congress’s only vested interest is a perpetual hold on power over the American public. Their hold over the public transcends to the main stream media. The media continues to sway public opinion in disguising their true intentions in order to keep the status-quo. A status-quo that has only kept the 1% having a strangle hold over the rest of the population. And, who controls the media? Could it be the existing power structure and the rest of the 1%?

Any attempts to alter the status-quo has been and will continue to be met with swift resistance by any means possible by those in power. Deceitful advertising and very questionable maneuvering by the power structure of both political parties have squashed the attempts of so many in trying to change the way things are for the benefit of all Americans. All one has to do is look back to the 2016 and 2020 Presidential campaign.

The one who could have seriously altered the status-quo in both instances was purposely eliminated out of fear that those in power would lose their tight grip over the American public. Guess what? The Status-quo today is only getting worse and those in positions of power are continuing to deny the American public the opportunities to rise above the financial predicaments so many are facing today. Not only are they denying the necessary means for economic recovery and stability but are curtailing the access to sufficient health care to combat this current Pandemic and so many other health related concerns.

One cannot help think that the media’s sponsored opinion polls are purposely designed to influence not only votes but steer the publics perception toward those matters that are designed to only perpetuate the existing status-quo. Now, with a global pandemic raging on the epicenter of transmission the United States is leading the way. Meanwhile fear is running rampant exasperated by the callous false information touted by our fearless leader in Washington. The failure of the media in not sanctioning the Presidents rhetoric is quite apparent. With many of the public still going along with the Presidents assessment of current events has only entrenched the divides within our society.

Now, after months of haggling over a economic stimulus courtesy of the Republican arrogance in their blatant refusal to come to bat for the general public are finally on the verge of accommodating the publics demand for help. It is too bad that it takes a global pandemic for congress to get it’s act in order to help millions of Americans who have been long suffering financially long before this pandemic struck.