If We Only Had Brain

I can’t help thinking about that wonderful song from the “Wizard Of Oz” when the Scarecrow reminisced about “If I only had a brain” in correlation with this coming Presidential election. There are concerning questions that have arisen about the real state of intellectual capacity of the American voting public today. On one hand the Senator Sanders supporters seem to have a fair grasp of the current state of affairs when it comes to curing the may ills of not only our economy but the social ills that have kept America so divided. Then there are the many Democratic want-a-be’s that have shown their ego’s have gotten the better of themselves. And, in the process have kept the United States from being United. Least we forget the Trumpsters who have really shown their incapacity of dealing with the reality that too many Americans and the rest of the world face today.

In true to fashion the main stream media continues to augment the current state of affairs in supporting the status-quo. With all this going on will the American voting public be able to filter out and differentiate between the good, the bad, and the ugly of this 2020 election year? When you look back to the education that many of the baby boomers had in the 1950’s and compare that with the past 30 years of public education the intellectual capacity for most has dropped considerably to the point that is far inferior today. No longer are many able to fathom the concepts, reforms, and the requirements that are needed to create a better world for us all.

Today, greed, apathy, ignorance, and intolerance has replaced the moral compass that guided this nation for over 200 years. If the majority of Americans really had a brain this 2020 Presidential election year would be no contest at all. And, we again can call the United States a united country. Yet, it truly is a very sad commentary for the United States when the rest of the world is watching. Watching a nation that is self destructing. This self implosion is a direct result from all the different factions that is keeping the status-quo of a very divided country. There again having a President Sanders we could say America has a brain and is using it wisely.

Many of us can’t help but think that the United States needs a plan of direction that points the way to that brighter future. Remembering President Kennedy when he outlined a very specific goal for this nation. A purpose that united a country in putting a man on the moon was that one singular plan that pulled this nation together. We as a nation have lost sight of what it means to have a plan of direction that is capable of uniting this country. Senator Sanders knows all too well what a set plan of direction will do for this nation. It is time that we as a nation understand what he proposes will do. Like President Kennedy before this nation will again have that one singular purpose and in fact unite this floundering country.