Bridging The Gaps

Biden may have won the Presidency but, his cohorts in the DNC couldn’t close the gaps of the deep divisions that exist in our nation. As for the Trump’s Presidency only a deep seeded need to feed his ego by distortion and diversion that has penetrated into much of the nations consciousness has ignited the tempests of unrest all across America. The collateral damage of not only the past 4 years of the Trump Administration but previous ones and the policies coming out of Washington for the past 50 years have systematically eroded our society.

Once innocence is taken it can never be restored. It is in that light the America we have today is so far removed from being the country of the greatest generation, where the pride of our country showed, and the respect of our country had will almost be impossible to get back. Now we have a newly elected President and Vice President whose ties are so well connected to the status-quo of big money interests just adds to the dilemma facing our nation today.

The voter turnout of this past election was just a vote against one man’s assessment on the way he wants things to be and not for the mandates that would bring this nation out of the deep recesses of past failures. Whether we choose to accept it or not the global crisis of this pandemic has brought the world’s economies to a virtual stand still. Europe today is faced with an unprecedented economic and health crisis which is causing profound effects right here in the US.

If President -elect Biden wants to avoid another Great Depression and I mean an economic Armageddon there are not options but fundamental reforms that must be implemented now. Congress has to agree on an immediate stimulus package with monthly stimulus checks of $1,200 for the next six months. The world does not have to stop revolving in order to exterminate this pandemic. But, what we must do is abide by certain safety measures to contain the spread of any infectious disease. We have to realize that in order to stave off an impending medical and economic catastrophe there has to be a cohesiveness within our society. And, from the look of things following this past election this nation is far from being cohesive.

Now, Biden must convince the major power players of the media to be given the arduous task of educating and informing the general public on the necessary procedures the public must follow and the policies our government will invoke to ensure our society does not dissolve into anarchy. Remembering FDR’s fireside chats: well, Biden would be wise to use the medium of Television and the Internet to replicate what FDR did by addressing the nation on a regular basis to felicitate our recovery from this pandemic and to bridge the divides in our nation. As it stands today we have forgotten Lincoln’s famous quote: “A nation divided against itself cannot stand.” And, that is the reality we as a divided nation are faced with today.

If Trump wants to avoid the condemnation of history he must first accept with grace, dignity, and congratulatory the results of this past election. With real sincerity he must work with the President-elect in closing the great divides in our nation today. If he can just do that then maybe this nation can heal the wounds that have and are keeping our society from fulfilling the great promise of an America that works of all the people. Our future is at stake.