Rape, Rape Everywhere

Just as we were trying to overcome the shock of the young undergraduate raped and murdered in a church in Benin, we heard about the lady who was also raped, murdered and dumped behind her house in Ibadan. And just after few days another pregnant woman was killed in the same area of Ibadan, south West of Nigeria. And I don’t want to talk about the raping of minors and even relations that have been daily in the news. I believe that you have been reading the reports of the so-called humans who have been raping their own daughters, some as young as three years and others few months. In Owerri, one has been raping his daughters for years now. My God! It is like demons of immorality are totally on loose on this part of the world. Even Satan will cringe at these reports. True. I can’t imagine a sane man violating a six month old baby or even a toddler. I almost passed out when I saw the stain and pain one of the three year olds was going through after she was assaulted. She cried endlessly as her mother carried her. She couldn’t stand on her legs and blood was still dripping from her. I can’t also understand a normal human being sexually attracted to his daughters, relations, etc. Yes, I can’t. These are animals called men. And they don’t deserve to live. They are possessed and unfortunately, some use these shameful, dirty activities for satanic rituals. Lazy fools who don’t want to work themselves up to success. But these are just the ones you read in the dailies. About 80% of these daily sexual assaults actually go unreported.

Rape is simply having a carnal knowledge of a female without her consent. And for the under aged, you don’t go near them at all because they are not even up to the age of giving consent. I support capital punishment for rape, especially raping the under aged. Just look at the monumental health and emotional damage done to these little innocent girls. Look at the destruction to the systems and organs. Some will never be totally healed again. Some will be in pain; leaking, stinking the rest of their life because of this damage. No, they don’t deserve that. The government, with the help of civil societies and everybody must tackle this menace now. But again how will you check the sexual attacks that are going on daily in our homes? Yes, most of these go on there. More men are today raping their house helps, relations and even their wives’ relations. Tell me. Investigate this and more than half of our homes and marriages will go down. Sure! It is as bad as that.

But whether you are caught, reported, punished or not, there is a more frightening, spiritual dimension of this evil that should make you run away from it. Rape attracts terrible curses including death, violent end, persistent failure, strange and incurable sicknesses and even generational punishment. Some of these rape victims will go home to struggle with physical and emotional bruises, STDs, unwanted pregnancies and abortions, truncated careers, hope and aspirations and they will keep cursing their attackers until they die. And you think it will still be well with you and your family? Again, I pity those that add murder to it. They are simply making their punishment double sure. That is double death sentence hanging on you and your generations. Murder and rape attract death penalty and generational curses in the bible. I want to stretch this further by asking you not to even lure people into sex with what you have – position, power, money or favor. It angers God a lot. It attracts the same divine punishment as rape spiritually. Hope you heard that? Maybe you and your family are struggling today with shadows because of those you violated sexually. No sexual offender goes unpunished. We will continue next week. God bless!

Gabriel is the author of the book Power of Midnight Prayer https://www.amazon.com/Power-of-Midnight-Prayer/dp/B0887ZB34G/ref=tmm_aud_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1593877396&sr=8-2