The Reasons for the Popularity of the Chinese Series

Advantages of Chinese Series

There are many reasons why Chinese series are getting so popular, especially in recent times. The Chinese entertainment industry has many advantages that are considered comparative rather than competitive. The Chinese series is unlike the Korean series, which are in the topmost in the list of the popularity of web series, as the advantages of the Korean series are competitive. There is a significant difference between these two advantages, namely competitive and comparative. The Chinese series are growing popular overseas. The themes range from political to historical and to romance showing a wide variety of tastes and covering a wide range of topics.

What are the Different types of Advantages?

The difference between the comparative and competitive advantages is evident. The competitive advantages are not long-lasting. Its importance and value get reduced with time and with changing taste of viewers. Several factors are responsible for this reduction of worth and lesser number of viewership, which may happen due to the quality of the series getting lowered. Another reason may be the fact that people are developing new tastes every time. The series that was famous a decade or even a few years back might not appeal to a large audience anymore because of its repetitive theme, monotonous dialogues, similar characterization, etc.

But the advantages of the Chinese series that are comparative are considered permanent. They will stay for a long time, unlike the competitive advantages. It is because when they are made at a particular point in time, they neither appeal to the intellect of a large number of audiences nor stir their emotions to the extent that they should. It may be because the Chinese series is experimental, unlike the themes of the Korean series, which are repetitive. The themes of the Chinese series differ from one another and include variety. Sometimes, audience cannot adapt to anything other than what they see for a considerable period. They do not get the essence of a theme immediately. But they realize it after a certain period in the future.

The Entertainment Industry of China

The entertainment industry of China is considered to be the largest in the whole of Asia. It also means that they dominate the entertainment industry. It indicates that if any entertainment industry wants to rule the Asian entertainment market, they have to favor Chinese viewership. It is one of the most precious advantages the Chinese people have as they have utmost knowledge about their market. The Chinese entertainment industry has been funded well, and they have more resources than any other entertainment industry. The recent survey shows that out of so many entertainment industries, China ranks second in the number of professionals working in a series and the revenues collected from it. The Chinese series also uses several props at cheap prices, and the labor costs are also very low. It directly affects the country’s economy, as the lower cost of producing a series saves a lot of money, which can later be used to produce another series. It increases productivity.